Orlando Fly Fishing Guide for Redfish in Mosquito Lagoon

I am one of the few guides who specialize in fly fishing charters in Mosquito Lagoon in addition to offering flats fishing trips with conventional spinning tackle. As one of only three federation of Fly Fishers certified Casting Instructors in the Central Florida & the Orlando area, I am not only able to offer standard fly fishing charters but a fly fishing adventure with an experienced and knowledgeable guide who can offer fly fishing and casting instruction to help you catch more saltwater fish.

Orlando Fly Fishing Charters

Fly fishing in the saltwater flats near Orlando is completely different from fishing for trout or salmon on a stream or river. Unless you are a seasoned saltwater fly fishing angler, having a fly fishing guide who is also a fly fishing and casting teacher can make a huge difference in your success. Any fishing guide can take you to the fish but only a few can provide the client with the small details that can change the outcome of the trip. Stroke length, casting plane, loop formation, hauling, delivery, and more all factor in to a good saltwater fly fishing cast. If you are not completely confident in your cast, make sure the guide you choose can help you improve.

Over 20 years of Experience

I have been fly fishing the saltwater flats of the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River Lagoon system for over 20 years. I have been a FFF casting Instructor since 2006 and have had the pleasure of teaching fly casting to people from all over the country. Fly fishing clients especially appreciate a guide who does not yell at them or simply tell them that their cast is wrong but a guide who is patient, understanding, and offers simple to understand solutions. All fly fishing clients are provided with top quality equipment from Sage and Hardy along with my own hand tied flies. If you are looking for the best fly fishing near Orlando book you trip today. If you want to see some people in action fly fishing near Orlando, check out my Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters Youtube channel.